Did You Know? Sepak Takraw games and PSM born in Patani Road Penang

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Games Sepak Takraw and Sepak Takraw Federation of Malaysia, were both born in Patani Road, Penang.

Sepak Takraw game history began in February 1946 on the site of the former Patani Road Animal Hospial Penang and author is the late Hamid Mydin
(See www.infotakraw.com-Creator Sepak Takraw)


The former site of the Patani Road Animal Hospital Penang invention Games Sepak Takraw place in February 1946 are now filled with dozens storey flats

Sepak Takraw Federation of Malaysia was established on June 25, 1960 at the Community Centre, Jalan Patani Penang and founder is Dato 'draw Lattiff Commanders. (See www.infotakraw.com-founder of PSM)



The new building Patani Road Community Centre Penang



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