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Mustakim Walad

Saturday, June 22, 2013/13 Shaban 1434
Tanjung Tokong, Penang

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Legend Gold 1983 Mustakim Walad with his Creator & Founder of Sepak Takraw Game Hamid Mohd Zahari

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Sepak Takraw legends '80s, Ismail Mohd Din, Razali Nordin and Mustakim Walad

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Legend Gold together Razali Nordin and family

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Mustakim Walad with her brother

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Mustakim Walad_1

Mustakim Walad display card members Yayasan (YAKEB)

Courtesy Mustakim Walad

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Mustakim flanked Walad family: wife, Azizah Reduan and children, Farah Nadiah, Syazana and Muhammad Nur Syazwan

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WE MAY NOT forgotten!

Mustakim Walad

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