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The late Mohd Nor Osman

(Jelutong, Penang)

Note: Representative Infotakraw Hamid Mohd Zahari to late hometown Mohd Nor Osman
Mosque Road, Jelutong, Penang
During the day Sunday, March 24/12 Jamadil Awwal 1434 and spoke to 80-year-old sister of the late Mrs. Isha Osman Golden Legend is the story of glory.




(A copy of this press cuttings purchased at the Office of Utusan Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur for RM25 around June 2011.)


Mohd Nor Osman-ranking prison officer confronted his superiors

(This picture is available on Sunday, March 24, 2013 granting Mrs. Isha Osman,
80-year-old late sister lived in Jalan Masjid, Jelutong, Penang)

Abdul Rahman Mohd Noor_1

SEAP Games Gold Medal Winner 1965
Standing from left: Hashim Husaini, Ahmad Mohd Saman, Kassim Bakar
Abdul Karim trademarks, Ismon Bajuri, Aziz Ahmad, Amir Shaari and
Abdul Rahman Mohd Noor.
Seated from left: Mohd Said Hassan, Noor Dugan, (Coach, Manager and Assistant Manager) Mohd Nor Osman and Ismail Ahmad

Abdul Rahman Mohd Noor_7

Ahmad Mohd Saman_18

Ahmad Mohd Saman_17

Ahmad Mohd Saman_38

Hj Mohd Nor Ali10

Dato 'Seri Haji Mohd Commanders Lattiff20

Dato 'Seri Haji Mohd Commanders Lattiff6

Dato 'Seri Haji Mohd Commanders Lattiff8

Dato 'Seri Haji Mohd Commanders Lattiff7

Abdul Jalil Aziz_1

SEAP Games gold medal in 1971
From left: Hamid Salleh Ibrahim Mee,
Mohd Nor Osman, Ahmad Kamal, Abdul Razak Osman,
Alias ​​Haji Hasan, Marzuki David Saad Rashid, Ismail Ahmad,
Abdul Rahman Ahmad, Abdul Aziz Jalil, and
Haris Abdul Rahman.

Dato 'Seri Haji Mohd Commanders Lattiff16

WE MAY NOT forgotten!


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