Legend Gold - Husin Omar

| October 13, 2013


Husin Omar

Wednesday, October 9, 2013/4 Muharram 1434

Omar Husin_40

Legend Gold Husin Omar with representatives infotakraw
Mohd Zahari Hamid

Omar Husin_34

Omar Husin_38

Legend Gold Husin Omar and his wife,
Ms. Rohani Haji Remove

Omar Husin_42

Omar Husin_37

Legend Gold with representatives infotakraw Husin Omar,
Mohd Zahari Hamid, Faridah Hamzah, MFMZ and Rozian Erling

Omar Husin_44

Omar Husin_35

Member of National Athletes Welfare Foundation (YAKEB)

Husin Omar Ihsan

Omar Husin_14

Choice of PSM as the cover of the National Sepak Takraw Championship 1986 in conjunction with the state of Malacca to Johan Sepak Takraw Championship Tengku Abdul Rahman and
Flake Gold Cup 1985

Omar Husin_13

Sepak Takraw Championship Asian Cup Third Jakarta 1984

Omar Husin_19

Sepak Takraw Championship Sports Merdeka Cup Brunei 1985

Omar Husin_11

Thailand King's Cup Championship 1985
(Champion Runner-up posing with Thailand B)

Omar Husin_27

Sepak Takraw Championship Mas-Star-RTM 1986 (Team)

Omar Husin_26

Omar Husin_98

Omar Husin_29

Omar Husin_18

Omar Husin_67

Omar Husin_17

Omar Husin_24

Omar Husin_20

Omar Husin_28

Omar Husin_21

Omar Husin_22

Omar Husin_12

Omar Husin_46

Omar Husin_47

Omar Husin_103

Omar Husin_106

Omar Husin_105

Omar Husin_107

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Omar Husin_4

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Omar Husin_82

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Omar Husin_93

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Omar Husin_69


Husin Omar

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