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Me Ibrahim

Monday, June 24, 2013/15 Shaban 1434
Beseri, Perlis

Me Ibrahim_1

Legend Gold 1971 & 1973, the Me Ibrahim and
Zahari Ishak and Mohd Mustaffa Hamid

Me Ibrahim_1_1

Legend Gold show Gold Medal in 1971 & 1973 and
Silver medal 1967 (SEAP Games)

Me Ibrahim_8

Do you believe the coat on display is the original apparel Me Ibrahim adopted in 1967 (SEAP Games)

Me Ibrahim_9

Sports shirts that he loved me Ibrahim adoption
SEAP Games in 1971

Me Ibrahim_7

Me Abraham display card members Yayasan (YAKEB)

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Me Ibrahim_2

Me Ibrahim_6

Me Ibrahim_5

Legend Gold Me Ibrahim with his wife Mrs. Robiah Ahmad

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Me Ibrahim_12

Me Ibrahim_13

Me Ibrahim_14

Sepak Takraw balls hanging in front of the Golden Legend

Courtesy Me Ibrahim

Abdul Jalil Aziz_1

SEAP Games gold medal in 1971
From left: Hamid Salleh Ibrahim Mee,
Mohd Nor Osman, Ahmad Kamal, Abdul Razak Osman,
Alias ​​Haji Hasan, Marzuki David Saad Rashid, Ismail Ahmad,
Abdul Rahman Ahmad, Abdul Aziz Jalil, and
Haris Abdul Rahman.

Me Ibrahim_19

Dato 'Seri Haji Mohd Commanders Lattiff6

Dato 'Seri Haji Mohd Commanders Lattiff7

Dato 'Seri Haji Mohd Commanders Lattiff8

SEAP Games Silver Medal 1967

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Abdul Jalil Aziz_22

Abdul Jalil Aziz_21

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Me Ibrahim_36

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Me Ibrahim_28

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WE MAY NOT forgotten!

Me Ibrahim

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