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Kamarudin Saleh

Friday, March 22, 2013/10 Jamadil Awwal 1434
Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai

Champion / Gold Medalist

1980 - Cup Sports Association of Thailand (TSA)
1981 - Manila SEA Games

Kamarudin Saleh

Mustafa Ishak, Mohd Zahari Hamid
Legend Gold Kamarudin Saleh

Kamarudin Saleh2

Hamid Mohd Zahari with spouses Kamarudin Saleh and Ms. Norsiah Job

Kamarudin Saleh3

Legend Gold and trophy wife with / medals won takraw since 1960

Kamarudin Saleh4

Kamarudin Saleh display card Yayasan

Kamarudin Saleh5

Legend Gold show press clippings damaged historic termite infested still retained

Courtesy Kamarudin Saleh

Tajuddin Adan_66

Tajuddin Adan_67

Tajuddin Adan_50

Tajuddin Adan_51

Abdul Rahim S. Mohamed Kassim_17

Abdul Rahim S. Mohamed Kassim_69

Tajuddin Adan_71


Kamarudin Saleh8

Kamarudin Saleh9

Kamarudin Saleh10

Kamarudin Saleh11

Kamarudin Saleh12

Kamarudin Saleh13

Kamarudin Saleh14

Kamarudin Saleh15

Kamarudin Saleh16

Kamarudin Saleh17

Kamarudin Saleh18

Kamarudin Saleh19

Kamarudin Saleh20

Kamarudin Saleh21

Kamarudin Saleh22

Kamarudin Saleh23

Kamarudin Saleh24

Kamarudin Saleh25

Kamarudin Saleh26

Kamarudin Saleh27

Kamarudin Saleh28

Kamarudin Saleh29

Kamarudin Saleh30

Kamarudin Saleh31

Kamarudin Saleh32

Kamarudin Saleh33

WE MAY NOT be forgotten!

Kamarudin Saleh_1

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  1. Cet X Pro says:

    congratulations on all YG dilaui, may kenagan not will trkubur kembali.bangkit and got up is all that we can renew, each wants what we have accomplished! congratulations daddy.

  2. Mohd Husaini says:

    If not in the break which would be a consolation ruyung his sacrifice ......... in the increase of the country's name, but that's not easy ......... contribution son who was tireless and never expect a reply ....... we have been on we would not be impossible for the ......... hope his contributions continue to be appreciated and an inspiration to the younger generation ......... CONGRATULATIONS FATHER IN admire your services.

  3. Base Iwan says:

    great hang pack!

  4. Mokhtar Mahadzer Sheriff says:

    My idol ...

  5. Adie Dee says:

    Pak Ngah me ....