Golden Legend - The late CHINNIAH Muniandy

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013/10 Sha'ban 1434
Ipoh, Perak

CHINNIAH Muniandy_6

Legend Gold 1973 joint Muniandy CHINNIAH
Mohd Zahari Hamid

CHINNIAH Muniandy_7

Legend Gold and his wife Mrs. Puspavatithy a / p Kolandai

CHINNIAH Muniandy_10

CHINNIAH Muniandy with Mohd zahari Hamid,
Mrs. Faridah Hamzah and MFMZ

CHINNIAH Muniandy_9

CHINNIAH Muniandy next offspring and
Ms. Kamala a / p Subramaniam

CHINNIAH Muniandy_8

CHINNIAH Muniandy with law,
Balachandaran a / l Madhavan and her daughter Ms. Thelagavathy holding a membership card YAKEB

CHINNIAH Muniandy_11

CHINNIAH Muniandy with son, Ganesan, his wife and daughter.

CHINNIAH Muniandy_12

CHINNIAH Muniandy_13

CHINNIAH Muniandy_14

CHINNIAH Muniandy_4

CHINNIAH Muniandy with grandchildren, Tarshnee a / p Jeganathan, Thinnaarajan a / l Balachandaran, Sasitarran a / l Balachandaran and Vignes s / o Balachandaran

CHINNIAH Muniandy_1

CHINNIAH Muniandy_2

CHINNIAH Muniandy_3

CHINNIAH Muniandy_5

Would you believe that sports clothes worn Legend Gold is a natural clothes in 1973 was about 40 years old

Ihsan CHINNIAH Muniandy

CHINNIAH Muniandy_30

CHINNIAH Muniandy_27

CHINNIAH Muniandy_28

CHINNIAH Muniandy_29

CHINNIAH Muniandy_31

CHINNIAH Muniandy_32

CHINNIAH Muniandy_35

CHINNIAH Muniandy_37

CHINNIAH Muniandy_38

CHINNIAH Muniandy_26

CHINNIAH Muniandy_33

CHINNIAH Muniandy_34

CHINNIAH Muniandy_36

CHINNIAH Muniandy_39

CHINNIAH Muniandy_40

CHINNIAH Muniandy_41

CHINNIAH Muniandy_42

CHINNIAH Muniandy_43

CHINNIAH Muniandy_44

CHINNIAH Muniandy_45

CHINNIAH Muniandy_46

CHINNIAH Muniandy_47

CHINNIAH Muniandy_15

CHINNIAH Muniandy_17

CHINNIAH Muniandy_18

CHINNIAH Muniandy_20

CHINNIAH Muniandy_22

CHINNIAH Muniandy_24

CHINNIAH Muniandy_50

CHINNIAH Muniandy_49

CHINNIAH Muniandy_48


Legend Gold CHINNIAH Muniandy had died on the morning of Monday, July 1, 2013.



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